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Name:She Who Collects the Light and Dark
Location:El Paso, Texas, United States of America

I've destroyed whole planets; so what chance have you got?

Zuko/Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) is my [community profile] otp!
[community profile] iam the Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) of Dreamwidth!

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80s music, 90s music, abe lincoln, aeris, aeris/sephiroth, aeriseph, aerith, aerith/sephiroth, albus dumbledore, american history, ancient history, angel the series, anime, anime music, anzu mazaki, artemis fowl, avatar: the last airbender, barnes and noble, bella/rodolphus, bellatrix black, bellatrix lestrange, bellatrix x rodolphus, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy x angel, buffy/angel, captain jack sparrow, dhr, dido, disney, disneyland, draco malfoy, draco x hermione, draco/hermione, dramione, dumbledore, ebooks, egyptian history, egyptian mythology, emma watson, fanfiction, ffvii, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, forensics, fruits basket, furuba, fushigi yuugi, gaara x sakura, gaara/sakura, ghost stories, greek mythology, harry potter, haruno sakura, haunted history, haunted houses, hauntings, hermione, hermione granger, hermione j. granger, hermione jane, hermione jane granger, hermione jean, hermione jean granger, hermione x draco, history, hogwarts, hyuga neji, hyuuga neji, icons, inu yasha, inuyasha, itachi uchiha, itachi x sakura, itachi/sakura, jason isaacs, johnny depp, kaiken phrase, kingdom hearts, labyrinth, lucius malfoy, lucius x narcissa, lucius/narcissa, madonna, manga, mazaki anzu, mp3, music, mythology, narcissa black, narcissa malfoy, naruto, neji hyuga, neji hyuuga, neji x sakura, neji/sakura, nook color, paranormal, pet shop of horrors, petshop of horrors, pirates of the caribbean, playstation 2, ps2, ralph fiennes, reading, revolutionary girl utena, rodolphus x bellatrix, rodolphus/bella, rodolphus/bellatrix, rogue x gambit, rogue/remy, role-playing games, roleplaying, ron weasley, ronald weasley, rpg, sailor moon, sailormoon, saiunkoku monogatari, sakura haruno, sephiroth, sesshoumaru x kagome, sesshoumaru/kagome, shoujo kakumei utena, star wars, tarot, tarot cards, tarot readings, tom felton, uchiha itachi, urban legends, v:tm, vampire knight, vampire: the masquerade, video games, wicca, wiccan, wiccan beliefs, world history, writing, x-men, xmen, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh!, yugi x anzu, yugioh, yuugi x anzu, yuugiou, zuko/katara, zutara
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